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School Arts are a key component of our organization. In collaboration with Inyo County Office of Education, we are proud to offer standards-based visual and performing art programs to all Inyo County students. This partnership combines the education of our children with the talents and resources of our community’s artists and performers.

Our isolated location makes field-trips to major museums, concerts, and performances very challenging. Many of our programs, like the Art Docent and Brummitt-Taylor programs, bring these experiences into the classroom.  And others, like Poetry Out Loud and Community Reads, send them out into the greater community and world. Our programs offer standards-based curriculum, so students don’t just learn art appreciation, but also the language, techniques, motivation, and discipline to become successful and confident artists and creative members of society.

Several of our programs rely on the support of volunteers. To request more information, or to get involved, click HERE.

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