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We Got the Grants!

We are elated to announce that we got the grants! The California Arts Council has awarded Inyo Council for the Arts three grants – the Arts Education Exposure, Local Impact, and Youth Arts Action grants – allowing ICA to continue funding after school art classes, our Community Arts Days, and arts and culture programming throughout Inyo County.

Get all the details about the CAC’s biggest investment in arts and culture statewide since 2001 here, and learn all about our grant awards in our press release.

Our Story

Founded in 1983, ICA has grown from a small organization to the premier arts and culture presenter in Inyo County and the county’s designated partner to the California Arts Council. ICA advances the Arts in Inyo County through participation, education, and collaboration. We provide a venue for artists to perform and share their work and for the community to gather in appreciation of the arts. ICA is an arts organizer, advocate, and resource for artists, students, teachers, and community members. In addition to supporting local artists, we bring top-notch musical, artistic, and cultural experiences from out of the region into our geographically isolated area.

Among our most popular programs are the annual Millpond Music Festival, our School Arts Programs, and the Memorial Day and Labor Day Arts and Crafts Shows – but we do so much more throughout the year! Explore this site to learn about all of our programs and events.

ICA enjoys a strong partnership with the Inyo County Superintendent of Schools (ICSOS), allowing us to provide art education opportunities to every classroom in Inyo County. Similarly, our partnerships with local government, non-profit organizations, businesses, and individuals enable us to continue producing the high quality arts and cultural programming that we offer in our communities year-round.

And, of course, we couldn’t do what we do without you! Our community members make our programs and events successful by attending, volunteering, and becoming members of ICA. Click one of the buttons below to get involved! Don’t forget to take a look at our Calendar to see upcoming events, and subscribe to our Email Newsletter for updates!

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