Kay Wilson – Watercolors


As a child, I liked to draw and took all the art classes I could in high school and college.  I took art at the University of California where I learned the basics of drawing and painting but did not start painting in watercolor until I took my first workshop with Peggy Gray sometime in the 1980’s.  I now work primarily in watercolor.  I like to take classes occasionally to learn another medium, new techniques, and different perspectives. 

Since 1976 I have lived with my husband James in Bishop, California where we raised one daughter.  I worked in Bishop at various temporary jobs before obtaining my teaching credential and teaching elementary school in Bishop and Independence.  I live here surrounded by mountains, forest, and desert all calling to be experienced through hiking, birdwatching, photography, and painting.


When I paint, I try to combine looseness and fluidity with discipline and structure.  Because I want to create a fresh spontaneous look, I usually start work with what is in front of me.  Landscape combines my outdoor interests with art.  I cannot say that I consciously work in a style.  The painting or drawing emerges from the paper surprising me because I do not ever start with a completed image in mind. Success is completing a painting that teaches and surprises me.

 My addresses are:  

wilsonkym48@gmail.com or 

Kay M. Wilson, 2689 Highland Drive, Bishop, CA 93514.


  1. J. Parsons says:

    Hey Kay! Looks Great! Congradulations on your show. All the Best, J Parsons

  2. Gordon Jensen says:

    Kay, I have waterfall in a landscape watercolor that is signed a Peggy Gray. I looking for information on her I found you site. Any suggestions on how I can check to see if this artwork I have was created by the Peggy Dean that instructed you? Help!

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