Classical Music Program

The Brummitt-Taylor Music Listening Program is a daily, non-directed approach to music listening that can be used school-wide or in individual classrooms. One composer is featured each week and one selected work of that composer is repeated each day over the school’s PA system, or in individual classrooms. A prepared script for each day accompanies the musical selection, informing listeners of the name of the composer, the name of the composition, and artistic characteristics of the featured work.  Using carefully selected music of master composers, the program opens the door for young people to the genius and craftsmanship of art music.  More than simply “music appreciation,” the Brummitt-Taylor program teaches musical literacy. 

This uniquely designed program, developed over ten years and field-tested with thousands of students, has shown exciting results in student knowledge of the music and creativity of composers. The program has been enthusiastically received by students, teachers, administrators, and parents, and successfully implemented in a variety of school settings.  It is in use across Canada and the United States, and in several countries around the world.  It is estimated more than a half-million children listen to classical music daily through this program.

The program is now in its eighth year in over 40 preschool and K-8 classrooms throughout Inyo County!  For more information on ICA’s Classical Music Program, please contact Erin Livingston, School Arts Coordinator, at 760- 873-8014 or
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